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XD30 inverted fluorescence

XD series inverted fluorescence microscope


XD laboratory inverted fluorescence microscope, designed for cell culture observation, to get details of cell growing process, internal spontaneous fluorescence phenomenon, living cell fluorescence transfection, protein transfer and etc.


 New generation of infinity color corrected optical systems and professional

    plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives, present you sharp and br-

    ight fluorescence image.

  Professional fluorescence filter system, imported optical material and broa-

    dband multilayer coating, high transmissivity, mould proof, heat insulation a-

    nd safety protection system, OSRAM brand mercury lam digital power-supply


 Swallow tail slide switch easy to change filter cubes, three paths for fluores-

    cence and one for bright field, four filter cubes can be mounted.

 Scientific research class cold CCD, high resolution, fast transmission. Intell-

    igence Chinese fluorescence image processing software, meets any requ-

    est of the most professional picture processing.

 6V/30W transmission illuminator, various performances, bright-field, dark-fi-

    led, phase contrast, polarization observations.